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    XenForo 2.1.9

    [Nulled] XenForo 2.1.9

    XenForo 2.1.9 release to fix a potential security vulnerability that could affect any client who uses PayPal. In addition to user updates, this can also affect
    installed plugins that process payments using our PayPal payment processor.
    Some of the changes in XF 2.1.8 include:
    Attempt to merge reactions when merging posts Only hydrate autoIncrement relation fields if there is no value in the parent entity. If the field has a value in the parent, an exception is now thrown. Use \ZipArchive::OVERWRITE flag when creating add-on zip to maintain compatibility with newer libzip versions Ensure more consistent sorting is used for class extensions, code event listeners and template modifications. Fix method checking when looking for API methods with versions appended. Use optimal batch sizing when rebuilding templates and phrases. Don't allow moderators to delete / edit warnings they have given if they have no permission to. Update GitHub OAuth implementation to use header authorisation. Handle rebuilding the active warning points in the User rebuild job. Supress warnings when closing file pointer after copying file Ensure a boolean value is returned when checking viewing permissions for conversations. When importing deletion log entries, ensure the username and reason do not exceed the allowed max lengths. Update register navigation item to ensure registration is enabled Add widget data attributes to expanded new thread widget Only fetch member stat results once on the overview page Allow connected account providers to provide additional auth params Only enqueue a reaction score rebuild when a reaction's score has changed, and simply rebuild scores for all reactions Correctly identify Android version in the attachment manager Upgrade jQuery to 3.4.1. Validate parent IDs correctly when inserting tree structured data. Prevent spam cleaner error when deleting a thread started by a spammer which has a redirect thread pointing to it. Add a content template for user reports to improve extensibility. Prioritize quick reply editor when multi-quoted quotes are inserted. Add a minimum width to user change log cells Add account email check to various places before sending mail Offset the select-to-quote tooltip whenever touchevents are supported. When rendering an unfurl do not double escape the proxied version of the URL. Force max length constraint when handling a user ban reason. Re-implement shortening of display text for very long URLs. Log moderator attachment deletions to the moderator log. Display error when trying to add template modification when not in development mode. Workaround an issue with multiple color pickers which could prevent some color pickers from behaving as expected. When previewing, ensure that sticky form submit rows stay stuck to the right place. When importing paid subscriptions from vBulletin ensure user group changes are correctly logged. Add a separate 'following' phrase for members others follow Check preg_last_error() when processing template modifications Improve news feed handler attachment handling Prevent an error related to cache clearing of entity relations with an empty condition. Reverse some changes related to template editing syntax highlighting which may actually break syntax highlighting entirely in some cases. Echo a list of allowed extensions back in the error message given when a file that does not have an allowed extension is uploaded. Include file and line number in exception XML response Throw an error exception when a ban fails to apply Handle failed bans in the warning point change service Ensure that emoji conversions are done as expected for all characters. Prevent a URL parsing error when following an HTTP request redirect to a path that starts with a "/" and contains a ":". Improve styling of responsive data lists, particularly with checkboxes that have headings Allow attachment data manipulation before copying files Implement search source method to determine if a query is empty Do URL canonicalization on the contact page and ensure that we link to misc/contact consistently (no trailing slash).
    The following public templates have had changes:
    core.less core_button.less core_collapse.less core_datalist.less core_fa.less core_input.less core_list.less core_utilities.less font_awesome_setup member_about post_edit report_content_user setup.less setup_fa.less thread_edit thread_move widget_new_threads Where necessary, the merge system within the "outdated templates" page should be used to integrate these changes.

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